iFi iPower Elite Low Noise Power Supply Adapter

  • iFi iPower Elite Low Noise Power Supply Adapter


iFi iPower Elite Low Noise Power Supply Adapter

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  • THE VIP OF POWER SUPPLIES - Audiophile transformer specially developed for the Elite
  • UPGRADE YOUR POWER SOURCE – Remove unwanted electrical noise introduced by noisy stock power supplies to provide a steadier and more reliable current to your device
  • INSTANT CLARITY - Enjoy clear audio and more defined digital video with Active Noise Cancellation2, which filters out spurious frequencies introduced by common household equipment that would interfere or muddy your entertainment experience
  • MULTIPLE VOLTAGES AVAILABLE - 5V/5A 12V/4A 15V/3.5A 24V/2.5A versions provide power options for many of the most common equipment. Choose the voltage model that is right for your device based on your manufacturer's specifications


Based on military tech, our improved Active Noise Cancellation II®  actively cancels all incoming noise.

It does this in a similar way to active noise-cancelling headphones – it generates a signal identical to that of the incoming electrical noise but in the opposite phase, actively cancelling it out. This is highly effective at removing low- and mid-frequency noise, while passive insulating filters deal with higher frequency interference. This combination is measurably more effective at eradicating noise corrupting the USB signal than devices relying solely on passive filtering.

It works with virtually any DC powered device and comes in 5, 12, 15 and 24 volts.

Clean, better than audiophile-grade power.


100-240VAC (50-60Hz/1.5A)
5V/5.0A; 12V/4.0A; 15V/3.5A; 24V/2.5A
Output plug
5.5x2.5mm Reverse Polarity Plug (White)
Noise floor*
148 x 55 x 50 mm
5.8" x 2.2" x 1.3"
550 g (1.2 Ibs)
Warranty period
12 months
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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