AudioQuest Perch Premium Headphone Stand

  • AudioQuest Perch Premium Headphone Stand


AudioQuest Perch Premium Headphone Stand

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AudioQuest is pleased to present perch—a headphone stand ideal for safely storing and displaying Nighthawk, nightowl, and other headphones. With its heavy base of die-cast zinc, tall strong steel frame, and curved eco-leather headband support, perch provides an attractive, structurally sound foundation for any headphone, regardless of ear cup size, headband construction, or cable length. Many popular headphone stands are designed a way that causes the accompanying headphone to hang askew or F The headband to open wide, thereby gradually misshaping the head pad and ear pads, and placing undue tension on the headband. Over time, such headphone stands can actually harm their accompanying headphone, straining the important ergonomic elements that contribute to comfort and wearability. Perch, however, allows the headphone to rest naturally, evenly distributing its weight across the entire head pad, never placing stress on the band, and ultimately preserving the headphones structural integrity. Further, unlike other designs that require the owner use two hands merely to place or remove headphones, perch’s design allows for simple one-handed access.

In addition to class-leading interconnects and award winning high fidelity DAC units, AudioQuest design and engineer a series of premium headphone models; built to offer the clarity, depth and transparency that AQ is renowned for a more personal and immersive package. Following the release of NightHawk and NightOwl models, AudioQuest present 'Perch', a premium headphone stand designed around the aesthetics of their headphone units but is still fully compatible with other models from other brands. 

Its heavy base is made from die-cast zinc and connects to a tall and strong steel frame, the top part of the stand is made from an eco-leather and curved to match the headband of the headphones in question. Many headphone stands are designed in a way that can cause the headphones to hang slightly askew or actually put pressure on the headband to open wide, resulting in a gradual misshape of the band and pads.

The Perch's design allows the headphone to rest naturally and distribute its weight evenly across the head-pad, resulting in a stress-free placement on the band to preserve the integrity of headphones' structure. The Perch does not require any assembly and is ready to go from the box. 


  • Easily and safely accommodates all headphones
  • High-quality materials
  • Heavy base provides stability
  • Perch requires no assembly. Just add headphones


Designed For AudioQuest NightHawk
AudioQuest NightOwl 
Compatible With All Over-Ear/On-Ear
Assembly Requirements  Fully Assembled.
None Required

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