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What is Dolby Atmos? Everything You Need To Know - Joe Audio

What is Dolby Atmos? Everything You Need To Know - Joe Audio

, by Haim Deutsch, 4 min reading time

 Dolby Atmos surround sound technology has made its way from post-production studios into living rooms and is quickly rising to the top of the list of the most important and influential innovations in the home theatre.

This is due to both the popularity of immersive surround sound in Hollywood and the support it receives at every step along the way, from content creation and distribution to hardware and device compatibility.

There's a good chance that Dolby Atmos is included with any video streaming services, TVs, AV receivers, or other devices you can think of.

Dolby has also created Dolby Atmos Music, which gives listening to music a whole new dimension.

Dean St. Studios in London recently unveiled a brand new, cutting-edge PMC loudspeaker system for Dolby Atmos Music projects, making it the first time in the UK at an independent recording studio.

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 What exactly is Dolby Atmos?









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The most significant advancement in cinema audio since surround sound is atmos, according to Dolby. I think we can all agree on that (whilst also recognising that rival DTS:X a similar object-based surround technology is also widely used).

Atmos, originally developed in 2012, is a surround-sound technology that expands on the pre-existing 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound setups by using surround channels that come from above, enveloping the audience in a dome of sound.

However, Dolby Atmos doesn't just send audio at distinct levels to each speaker, unlike conventional channel-based systems.

The technology can also create up to 118 simultaneous sound objects, giving the sound designer the ability to precisely place each sound and voice rather than just assigning them to particular channels.

These items can be moved around and manoeuvred in the area to produce a convincing 3D soundstage.

In the best Dolby Atmos theatres, up to 400 speakers can be used, but it's unlikely that you'd want or have the space for such a system in your home.

There are simpler options available, such as adding two or four ceiling speakers to your system or adding "topper" speaker modules on top of your left and right speakers or your left and right front and rear speakers.

Or you could just buy a speaker system designed specifically for Atmos.

The Klipsch RCS 5.0.4 Dolby Atmos Theatre Package

With a full Atmos speaker package, Klipsch was one of the first companies to market.

Klipsch's unique speaker technologies are ideal for giving you the most impactful, immersive 360° Dolby Atmos® listening experience.

The Reference Cinema System with Dolby Atmos offers an incredibly lifelike 360° audio experience, even if you are considering upgrading your TV, gaming system, or streaming service.

Separate toppers that integrate with speakers from other brands can be used if you already have a setup and want to expand it.

Pairing the Reference Cinema System with a Klipsch RCS 5.0.4 Dolby Atmos will give you the full cinema experience. Please get in touch if you're interested in learning more about the other bundle options.

The Future of Dolby Atmos

What other places would you like to see Atmos? Dolby seems to be becoming more and more interested in virtual reality.

The company is developing tools to deliver Atmos soundtracks in a virtual experience, as shown above by the Atmos Height Virtualisation technology.

The inclusion of more music in Atmos appears to be a priority for Dolby as well as a potential area for growth.

Without a doubt, as studios try to entice audiences back into theatres, the all encompassing, Atmos and Vision supporting Dolby Cinema venture will grow.

Even the Lucid Air electric car, which features a 21 speaker Surreal Sound system, has Dolby Atmos on board.

Over the past few years, we've seen a number of manufacturers announce plans to offer immersive in-car audio experiences, and Dolby has announced a partnership with Cinemo that (hopefully) heralds the start of a revolution in car audio.


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