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What is a Moving Magnet Cartridge?

, by Haim Deutsch, 4 min reading time

Your phono cartridge is, well, very crucial when it comes to picking the best parts for your turntable.

After all, this is the tool that communicates with your records directly. To put it
bluntly, this applies to the majority of audio systems where inputs are almost
certainly more crucial than outputs.

Moving coil and moving magnet phono cartridges are the two primary varieties

Which one is best for you? What you need to know is as follows:

Both types of cartridges function as transducers, which, put simply, change one sort of energy into another.

Here, mechanical energy is converted to electrical power. The method used to carry out the conversion differs. Both operate by translating an electrical signal from the mechanical movement (or vibration) brought by the stylus moving over a record groove.

What Is the Process of a Moving Magnet Cartridge?

The vibrating cantilever is coupled to a set of magnets that oscillate in close
proximity to a pair of coiled wires in a moving magnet (MM) cartridge to convert the energy. Between the two coils, there are two tiny magnets that vibrate and generate a tiny electrical current.


A MM design has a user-replaceable stylus, a moderate to high output level, and is very durable. Additionally, they are usually more compatible with the majority of home stereo systems, such as phono inputs that are standard.

What Cartridge Design Suits You Best?

Like anything relating to high-end audio, the answer to this issue is highly subjective. The Ortofon 2M cartridge range is fantastic. They are simple to put up, function superbly, and range in price from very inexpensive to more expensive and sophisticated.

I think it's one of the better lines for anyone who is interested in Moving Magnet
cartridges. But how do the features, cost, break-in time, and even potential sibilance issues of the Ortofon 2M Red compare?

How does the 2M Red stack up against the 2M Blue and 2M Bronze, two other
standout cartridges in the 2M line?

Why Take a Look at the Ortofon 2M Red?

When it comes to music, the 2M Red, which costs £95.00, is truly a crowd-pleaser. Although it is quite affordable, We believe it to be a cartridge that delivers open, room-filling sound and is very effective.

When it comes to sound, this cartridge will provide you with a decent dynamic range, but what we truly like is the warm tone that comes through the speakers as a result of this cartridge.

Ortofon HiFi 2M Red Moving Magnet Cartridge Weight

We'd want to talk about the weight of this cartridge for people who are interested. Now, the weight may vary slightly based on your needs.
The cartridges for the 2M Standard and 2M Verso each weigh 7.2 grammes.


For just £95, we believe the Ortofon HiFi 2M Red Moving Magnet Cartridge
is an excellent budget cartridge that will provide excellent sound.

We believe the Ortofon 2M Red gives enough for the typical vinyl enthusiast to enjoy while keeping the price of high-quality sound within range.

Besides this, if you will like to learn more about Phono cables along with other Hi Fi cables, don’t miss out on reading our blog about them here.

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