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Why 8D is so much more than just sound.

8d audio is getting a lot of coverage nowadays- and with good reason. So what exactly is 8d sound, and why is everyone talking about it?

8d mimics the experience of binaural sound, which assesses the position of a human head and places sound accordingly. The effect is vastly different from regular stereo recordings, which merely direct sound to the right and left speaker channels.

Simply put? When you listen to an 8d recording, you literally feel like you are listening to a live concert; it’s as if the singer or player is merely feet away.

So how does it work? Well, naturally, there aren’t actual new recordings with 8d incorporated; that would mean one could only access this unbelievable music experience with new songs. Instead, 8d music creators have put together software that easily manipulates a song’s stereo parts, enabling the sound to travel in a kind of 360 degree virtual circle around one’s head.

The result is literally indescribable. Ever been privy to a full virtual experience?

The one where they give you special goggles and you’re instantly transported to an underwater world/ jungle scene/ the Alps? 8d music has that same wow factor. With it, a family favourite is suddenly heard like never before; there’s a whole depth of meaning to the old, old classics; and the bottom line is, you’ll never view music in quite the same way again.

Some 8D audio tracks have been dismissed as distracting because the sound moves too quickly in the spatial field. However, as time passes, creators are becoming way more adept at manipulating sound in a soothing, seamless way. 

8d provides a virtual bubble of pure, delicious music surrounding one from above, beneath and all around, allowing for full immersion, heightened enjoyment and a richer sound experience. 

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