Problems with sound from speakers

Why Is There No Sound Coming from Your Speakers?

Perhaps the most common issue with speakers is a lack of sound. If your speakers aren’t playing noise, they’re virtually useless. The good news is there are more than enough fixes, many of which you can DIY without professional help. Whether you have old speakers that aren’t worth too much or brand-new, it’s time to fix this issue once and for all.

In this article, we have presented 5 different solutions to this most common of problems.

Adjust the volume coming from the sound system. It might seem silly, but sometimes your speakers could lose their volume if they’re too low or high. Many speaker systems will come with safety triggers that prevent them from blasting too loudly. Your device might also stop it from going too high.

Check if the speakers are muted. Muted speakers won’t ever produce sound, so your fix might be as simple as unmuting the problem. Check your speakers, the receiver, and the device you’re using to play the audio. All three of them should be unmuted. Don’t forget to inspect your surround sound, too!

 Repair, replace, or connect any electrical wires. According to Techwalla, wires are often the sole cause of no sound. Your speakers might drop or become crackly if there are loose connections, but disconnected wires won’t be able to produce any noise. Check all of them to ensure they’re plugged in snugly.

 Inspect the system’s output device (smartphone, laptop, TV, entertainment system, etc.). These devices could be the source of the problem since they have separate mute buttons. Before checking them, lower your speaker’s volume, so they don’t blare loud noise once you make the necessary adjustments on the device.

 Ensure you’re setting the speakers to the proper channel. Some speakers have multiple channels, so it’s essential to check if they’re in the proper setting. If your speakers are connected to Channel 1, but the receiver is playing audio to Channel 2, you won’t get any audio coming through them.