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How to Shop on Black Friday in 2022

How to Shop on Black Friday in 2022

, by Haim Deutsch, 3 min reading time

Some of us wait all year for the Black Friday shopping season, our minds racing with the prospect of getting the best deal on a new TV, smart speaker, or another high-tech gadget.

This is the time of year when we typically see some of the greatest sales of the year on almost everything, and for good reason.

The Black Friday season is experiencing yet another change this year.

Retailers responded to their demands by beginning the sales in early October. And the sales will only carry on through December and all of November.

According to a survey on Holiday shopping trends, this year's discounts will set new heights.

Even though there are currently many excellent specials, the best discounts will still be available from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.

Whether you wait until Black Friday and Thanksgiving to buy or shop sales now, many of the offers that appear to be wonderful bargains are often not what they seem to be, and it's simple to be duped if you're not awake.

Not to worry! Since Consumer Reports has been monitoring Black Friday sales for years, we are familiar with all the scams.

Our top Black Friday shopping suggestions can assist you in locating the finest bargains while minimising your frustration level and expenditures.

  • Start soon

You don't have to wait for the Black Friday weekend to obtain bargains because sales have already started.

Many retailers have Christmas refund and return policies that include partial refunds for things that go on sale for cheaper later in the season.

We are giving discounts on products in almost every category.

  • Participate in social activities

To learn about special offers and promotions, follow your favourite retailers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Customers who like or follow Joe Audio are frequently given exclusive notice of deals and bonuses during Black Friday.

  • Review the return policy

Check the store's return policy again before making a purchase. After all, you wouldn't want to spend a lot of money on something you weren't certain you could return if you decided you didn't want it.

Thankfully, some retailers, including Joe Audio, have started extending their return policies till the end of January in an effort to outdo their rivals.

  •  Shop online instead of at in-store sales

While there will be plenty of offers available both offline and online, using your phone or computer to shop may give you better results and more possibilities.

Retailers are now more frequently offering the same incentives online as they do in-store, as demonstrated in recent years.

Additionally, more stores are now closing on Thanksgiving Day, which encourages customers to shop online for offers during the holiday.

  •  Use loyalty programmes

Members of store loyalty programmes frequently receive early access to coupons, sales, and promotions before allowing them to earn rewards on their purchases.

Register for Black Friday shopping alerts accordingly. In some circumstances, you can even determine whether the items you seek are in stock or available for online purchase, which can help you save money on shipping.

  •  Make a budget and follow it

Yes, it does seem easy. However, Black Friday promotions, particularly the limited-time doorbuster deals, are intended to get you into a store or online so that the business can upsell you on items you didn't mean to buy.


By following these Black Friday buying advice, you may ensure that you spend the least amount of money while getting the most high-quality goods.

You should start purchasing as soon as possible to take advantage of these Black Friday shopping advice.

The more you are told about the marketing strategies employed by other companies, the more you will understand what potentially effective advertising strategies you may employ for your own company.

Happy shopping on Black Friday!


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