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How to Find your Perfect Pair of Headphones

How to Find your Perfect Pair of Headphones

, by Haim Deutsch, 3 min reading time

Whether you’re a podcast fiend or a music lover, a commuter or a home listener; this article will help point you towards factors to consider and to look out for when buying a new pair of headphones. We have all the tips and tricks to look out for to help you find your perfect pair of headphones!

Wired vs. wireless

One of the first choices you are going to have to make is whether you want wired or wireless headphones. Most headphones on the market are wireless, and in a short while one imagines they will be the only kind of headphones available - as many new phones and audio devices are made without a headphone jack. 

With wireless headphones, you can expect no tangled cables, and they can connect to devices that don't have a headphone socket. Unlike the early years of wireless headphones, there is no longer a noticeable difference in sound quality by connecting wirelessly compared to with a wire. 

With wireless headphones you have to remember to charge the battery in your headphones, which is never a problem with wired headphones. Wired headphones are simpler to use, won’t lose signal, and can connect to devices that don’t support Bluetooth, such as a CD player, TV,  or record player. 

Wear style

Like every other item of fashion, there are distinct styles of headphones, each of which brings differing attributes to your audio experience. And, just like with other parts of your wardrobe, you will likely prefer one over the other options. 

If you are a fan of earbuds, there are a seemingly endless variety of wireless options for you. With over-ear and on-ear models, these are more traditional in their headband construction, and will either have large ear cups that cover your entire ear, or they have pads that sit on top of the ear. Speaking in broad strokes, earbuds are the cheapest, most affordable type of headphone, with on-ear next and over-ear the most likely to hit your bank account the hardest. 


A lot of wireless earbuds won’t come with comfortable foam tips, making a long listening session taxing and painful. A pair of on-ear or over-ear headphones is much better suited to extended listening. Regarding more traditional models, you should look at two things when considering a purchase: ear pads and headband tension. You don’t want to feel like your headphones are squeezing your head, which will happen if the tension of the headband is too tight. You may be able to ignore it for a short while, but after an albums’ worth of time, it will become unbearable. Onto ear pads, then, where you will want to find the right balance between ear pad cushions that are too soft and too firm. If they’re too soft, you may be able to feel the rim of the ear cup against your ear. If the cushion is too firm, they will not be very comfortable. 

Audio quality

This can be a difficult quality to test when buying headphones online, especially because it is almost entirely subjective. Furthermore, more expensive does not always equate to better sound quality. It is entirely dependent on personal taste, so look for what headphones specialise in what kind of sound - a hip-hop fan may want a prominent low-end tone that boosts the bass in every song you listen to, a pop fan would want headphones that offer an all-round sound. Consider the genres that you love and would most likely be listening to with your new headphones, and find a pair of headphones that suit those genres best. 


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