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Automatic Turntable

Gone are the days of regurgitated white noise of the needle on blank vinyl.

, by Haim Deutsch, 1 min reading time

What Hi-Fi called the fully automatic turntable “Class-leading sound alongside an effortless user experience” 

Joe’s Audio Pro-Ject A1 Automatic Turntable

What can we say about the Pro-Ject A1 fully automatic turntable that hasn’t already been said?

Well, nothing. The quality of reviews and praise show that this first ever fully automatic turntable is knocking it out of the park with audiophiles everywhere.

Long gone are the days of physically placing the needle at the beginning of your record, aiming to get it just right. Also gone are the sounds of regurgitated white noise of the needle on blank vinyl at the end of the perfect album. But the most perfect detail in the design is that once the music begins the superior technology playback takes over having not been compromised by the automation.

The Ortofon OM10 Stylus

Fully handmade in Germany, the list of design highlights is something to be admired. The wooden chassis avoids hollow spaces and coupled with an exquisitely designed aluminium damping ring on the inside adds weight, reducing unwanted resonances to a minimum.

Remember earlier this year we posted a blog about common tonearm problems and how to fix them? The Ortofon OM10 Stylus is from a great pedigree, ultra-light, sleek and pre-fitted and adjusted in the factory. Pro-Ject say this is the perfect partner for the A1.

Pump those exquisite vinyl sounds into your amp with the supplied high-quality phono RCA cable, the Connect it E. A semi-balanced and low-capitance cable with superior shielding which Pro-Ject guarantee a perfect connection. Also built-in is the phono preamplifier to further improve the quality of sound, so no need for that all important extra purchase.

This would appear to be the first step for the Austrian based technology company to produce a turntable with quality sound with fully automated design precision as expansions to the line are surely due.

What Hi-Fi called the fully automatic turntable “Class-leading sound alongside an effortless user experience” and with our price tag of just £369 we couldn’t agree more.

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