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Best & Affordable High Quality Speaker in 2023

Best & Affordable High Quality Speaker in 2023

, by Haim Deutsch, 4 min reading time

Find the best sound system for different types of rooms, including big and small ones that are affordable too.

A powerful, engaging experience can be created while watching movies, TV shows, and sports at home with the best home audio sound system.

They can be as simple as a single soundbar or as complicated as a full surround speaker system.

Your choice of the ideal devices should be made possible by information such as the size of the room, which has a major impact on the power and wattage needs for your speaker arrangement.

Consider whether or not you want surround sound as an example. Check out our list of the top home audio systems.

Klipsch RP-404C II Centre Speaker


Clearly understand every word of the dialogue and lyrics.

 A new, bigger 90° x 90° silicone composite hybrid Tractrix® horn transmits high frequency waves into the listening area incredibly effectively to produce a crisper, clearer sound.

The new Reference Premiere II line includes a slew of exciting new features that elevate classic Klipsch sound to new heights.

The RP-404C II is the series' smallest four-driver centre channel speaker, with an updated tweeter, overall better woofers, and a sealed enclosure.


A new tweeter for sharp highs:

Your home theatre system is only as good as your centre channel speaker because it reproduces almost all of the dialogue in a movie or TV show.

Klipsch improved the tweeter on the RP-404C II to allow centre channel effects and voices to come through clearly and precisely.

The vented housing of the 1" LTS (Linear Travel Suspension) tweeter reduces standing waves, which can degrade sound quality.

It's housed in a Tractrix® horn with a widened mouth for improved sound staging and directivity.

To keep the highs smooth and non fatiguing, the horn has a soft silicone face and a unique phase plug.


Better woofers increase the impact of effects:

There are two 4" Ceremetallic woofers on either side of the central tweeter.

These drivers add punch to centre channel sound effects like explosions and aid in the reproduction of voices in lower registers.

Although Klipsch speakers utilized metallic woofers in the old days, the motor structures that power the cones have significantly improved.

Each woofer has a voice coil that is 70% larger for improved control, speed, and accuracy.

Additionally, the woofers now have new aluminum shorting rings, which decrease noise and enable the drivers to handle a little bit more power.


A special, sealed cabinet:

It is important to think about where and how you will position your centre channel speaker.

However, an ideal place is not always available.

Klipsch gave the 404C II a sealed cabinet so that it could be placed almost anywhere.

Got the speaker backed up against a wall?  No worries.

There is also no chance of bass waves building up behind the speaker and muddying the sound because there is no rear-firing port.

 Product Features

1" Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter with Hybrid Tractrix Horn

Quad 4" Spun Copper Cerametallic Woofers

Enclosed cabinet design

Premium Scratch Resistant Ebony and Walnut vinyl Finishes

Strong, Flexible Removable Magnetic Grille



Klipsch RP-404C II Centre Speaker are one of the best speakers in the market and are very affordable too. We at Joe Audio provide complete support and know-how when you buy this speaker from us.

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