5 Tips For How To Take Care And Clean Your Vinyl Records

5 Tips For How To Take Care And Clean Your Vinyl Records - Joe Audio

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Vinyl records are a commonly known way to listen to music, but they require special handling and care to keep their sounds intact.

By following a few simple guidelines, you can keep your groves clean and your record collection in pristine condition.

How Do Vinyl Records Work?

Vinyl records are a type of audio sound storage medium that consists of a double-sided flat disc with a concentric spiral groove on both sides.

These discs go by several names, including record, phonograph record, and vinyl.

The term "vinyl" refers to its primary manufacturing material, polyvinyl chloride, which replaced shellac after WWII.

The spiral groove contains an inscription of the audio elements from the record. When a stylus, the cone-shaped needle at the end of a record player's tonearm, is lowered onto the surface of a record while it spins on a record player's turntable, you can hear these elements.

The stylus detects vibrations in the grooves and transmits them to a cartridge at the end of the arm, where the vibrations are converted into electrical signals. The signals are routed to an amplifier, which converts them into sounds via speakers.

Vinyl records come in a variety of sizes and each spins at a specific speed.

Some Important Tips for Caring for Your Vinyl Records

Vinyl records can be cleaned in a variety of ways, including with a record cleaning machine such as a record vacuum cleaner or record washer.

You can also clean your vinyl collection by hand, which is the most convenient and cost-effective method.

1. Clean up your vinyl:

First, use a record-cleaning brush to remove dust and lose debris from the surface of your record.

Carbon fibre brushes are recommended by vinyl experts because their bristles remove static electricity, which holds dust to the surface of your record and causes it to crackle when played.

Brush any particles away with a circular motion in the direction of the grooves.

2. Find a quick fix

You can buy a record cleaning kit, which includes a cleaning brush and a special cleaning fluid, or you can use a cleaning solution that does not contain Isopropyl alcohol.

Isopropyl can damage the surface of your record. You can also use dish soap and water, but this will leave a film on your vinyl.

Instead of tap water, use deionized or distilled water, and avoid using household cleaning products.

3. Clear the record

Dip a soft, lint-free cloth-wrapped finger into your cleaning solution and slowly run your finger along the grooves of the record in a clockwise direction, beginning at the centre. Just above the record label.

When you reach the record's outer edge, reverse your direction and follow the grooves counter clockwise back to the centre.

Because your nail can leave a scratch on the record, keep your finger flat against the surface.

4. Rinse and dry

Once you've cleaned the entire record, look for any areas that have gunk or grime buildup.

Wipe these spots again with a clean cloth and a fresh cleaning solution.

Examine the record for any signs of moisture and dry it with a soft microfiber cloth.

Wet records should not be placed back into their inner sleeves because the moisture can cause warping.

5. Do not touch the records' surface.

All of the musical information on a record is stored in its grooves, and anything, particularly your hands, can affect the record's playback.

If you want the best possible sound quality, only touch the outside edges or the inner label of the record.

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